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Sudaksha - Education Vertical of XRG , instituted to transform and empower the fresh graduates with right technical & corporate acumen to make them employable and Industry ready

Key Objectives:
  1. To enhance employability among fresh graduates (currently only 12-15% are getting absorbed as part of campus placements and rest are spending 12+months to get an job opportunity)
  2. Improve quality of technical education among Higher Educational institutions by running an IT integrated finishing school at Campus for better Campus placements
  3. Be a right source, repository and partner to IT Corporates for fresher's hiring ( currently Fresh graduate hiring and getting them billed in short cycles has been a continuous challenge for each corporate as this involves loads of effort from recruitment/HR /Delivery team, resulting in high costs and delay in deploying to billable projects)
Value Proposition:
  • Proven Train/Hire Models to deliver high quality fresher recruitment and training, assuring 40% to 60% savings to IT Corporates
  • 50% year on year improvement in delivering employable students from Academic Institutions and Quality of Teaching among the Faculty
  • Campus Connect for IT Corporates for right talent acquisition and Corporate Connect for Colleges for higher placement ratio

Partnered with well-established Premier IT Finishing School "3EDGE Solutions" www.3edge.in

Sudaksha - Trainings

  • Executive Trainings - Lead First
  • Technical Trainings
  • Selenium
  • SharePoint
  • Mobile Technologies
    • Android
    • iPhone / iPad
  • Java/J2EE
  • .NET

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