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Cloud Computing

XRG has framework driven approach to assess computing needs of an Enterprise based on the nature of business, criticality and the size before proposing a solution.

Post detailed study of key parameters like data security, CAPEX Reduction, reliability through metrics driven approach , XRG offers below cloud based services to enterprises which are cost effective due to pay-as-you- use & Value driven for business in terms of scalability and reliability

ITaas(Infrastructure as a service)
  • Services catering to the IT Infrastructure like Hardware, Network Connectivity, Data Storage and Back up..,
  • Enables an enterprise to free up in-house computing resources and their maintenance and take adavantage of public or private
  • cloud services which provide fool proof security , high performace , availability..
Saas (Software as a Service )
Services catering to "on-demand-Software" needs of an enterprise where software application and data are accessed by users using thin client browsers

Paas (Platform as a service)
Services catering to software products and tools which are unique to a business
Enables an enterprise to accelerate the developement process to meet time to market demands, decrease complexity and cost.

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