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Way before the conventional internet penetration across the globe, today wireless and mobile technology has surpassed the expectations and is providing much needed connectivity for the global population. This is creating a challenge to the businesses globally to reinvent them selves and extend their services and business processes through mobile technology solutions. Mobile technology solutions have become a vital success factor for the businesses and enable them to reach their customers and employees virtually anytime anywhere and be in constant touch to increase their business potential creating a differentiator for themselves amongst the competition

XRG's Mobile Solutions Group is committed to be in pace with the evolving technologies and provide the best in class mobile solutions to our customers.

Our team works relentlessly in developing cutting-edge technology solutions that set us apart in terms of quality, user satisfaction, pricing, and features.

XRG's Mobile Solutions offerings have been thoughtfully crafted to meet the needs to today's business and have been built through its Xpert-M CoE.

Xpert-M CoE, through its process of "Ideate - Evolve - Implement - Expand", develops mobile solutions for various business needs of its customers.

We Ideate through our core service offerings and Evolve on the platforms while implementing the solutions by integrating into the existing business systems (ERP, CRM or Enterprise applications) and Expand these solutions to various verticals by being able to reuse parts of the solution created

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Mobile Application Development:

We broadly categorize our mobile application development

  • Productivity Applications: These are primarily that enhance the productivity levels of individuals/employees/organizations. Ex: Calendar based applications, To-Do list, Address Book etc.
  • Security Applications: XRG's capabilities include development of applications that can take care of the security of device or data. Device security is primarily needed to track the lost phone, tampering of SIM card in GSM phones etc. while data security is primarily for access rights. Typically password protected, encrypting etc.
Enterprise Applications: These are custom developed applications that could be

  • a extension of the enterprise web application on a mobile
  • performing business processes on the mobile integrated with enterprise systems
Social Networking: Majority of the social networking sites today such as facebook, twitter etc. are also extended onto mobile. XRG provides mobile based solution to its customers who are providing social networking web sites in niche areas such as health care.

Consumer Services

Services those are of interactive nature with the consumers of a particular business are categorized under this category. Few areas XRG Specializes, and has developed products and solutions are

  • Mobile Marketing: XRG Solution in this area reduces the cost of marketing by using mobile phones as a basis. These include distribution of discount vouchers, coupons, offers, sale announcements. All these can be achieved with a simple web based user interface and using a simple SMS based messaging through subscriptions
  • Mobile Commerce: XRG has developed solutions for a few retailers who are currently offering services through e-commerce portals for its customers online. XRG's solutions extend their capability on to mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.) and integrating it tightly with their current e-commerce platform.
  • Mobile Banking: XRG, with its domain expertise in Banking is capable of extending its offerings to provide Banking on the go (on mobile) and provide a platform to transact on mobile phones. These can be made available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android compatible devices.

Platform Migration Services:

XRG can help its customers in migration of the existing applications onto newer platforms such as iPhone, Android etc. to keep abreast with the latest mobile technologies and provide wider reach of their applications

Not just migration, XRG can also customize native Android applications to suit the interface needs of the customers.


XRG also provides Value Added Services (VAS) on mobile phones. XRG focuses on customizing any existing applications in this area based on the customer needs while we have developed and deployed a few 2-D based games on iPhone platform as a testimony.

Mobile Testing:

XRG understands the need to provide quality products on mobile platform to its customers and all of XRG services in mobile solutions undergo a rigorous quality assurance prior to delivery of it to the customers. XRG extends this service as an independent testing and validation services to its customers. XRG has the capability and wherewithal to test mobile applications on multiple platforms to evaluate and test their functionality and performance of various devices.

Our Technical Capabilities:

  • Devices
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, J2ME
  • Android
  • Android SDK 1.5, 1.6 & 2.1; Eclipse
  • iPhone
  • iPhone SDK 2.0 & 3.0; Xcode, iPhone simulator
  • Symbian
  • Symbian S60 2nd Ed, 3rd Ed, 5th Ed; Carbide.c++
  • Databases
  • SQL Lite, Oracle db Lite, SQLServer CE

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