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Business Situation:
Business felt the need to re-engineer its existing Find a Provider application as its current application was very expensive to maintain and could not be maintainable without third party service provider. It was not very agile and was not flexible to change for the business needs. Another objective was to make it accessible to its customers through multiple modes using mobile phones and give them a better user experience even on the web by upgrading their application to web2.0 features.

Solution Description:
XRG provided a end to end re-engineered solution using latest open source web 2.0 technologies and further integrating with mobile platform both on mobile web and smart phones (iPhone and Android). Solution was built on SoA, rich UI, built rules engine, highly scalable and high-availability architecture hosted on the cloud. Integrated with google maps, iPhone and Android devices. Apart from that, the benefit was created by automating the entire testing process using Quality Center. The Entire development of this FAP application was based on Agile Methodology.

Business Challenges:
Expensive ongoing maintenance and enhancements
No expertise in house to configure. Application not suitable for configuration.
Poor user interface and unsatisfactory user experience
Eliminate delays in updating the changes to the web application regarding providers and changes in the company policies
Non availability of mobile interface


Improve the efficiency of FAP application with new features and performance
Minimize the complexity in configuration by building a rules engine
Reduction in long-term operational cost
Automation of test scripts using Quality Center for ongoing regression testing
High availability architecture by exploiting the Cloud Computing Infrastructure

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