Robotic Process Automation for faster and efficient completion of repetitive tasks

Deploy software robots to increase productivity and free up human effort for other strategic tasks. Robots can emulate human behavior in inserting data, filling forms, and generating reports.

Robotic process automation can help organizations move one step close to the digital transformation journey. XRG has partnered with Electroneek, a fastest growing RPA product, to provide hyper automation solutions. XRG can help customers from proof of concept to implementation of bots in production.

Our Capabilities

Review the current repetitive processes in the organization and identify opportunities for automation. Provide go/no-go decision in automating the process
Create a bot for a sample process to showcase the power of bot.
Develop, Deploy the bots using the Electroneek’s No-code tools. Electroneek’s subscription-based pricing will help customers in lowering the development and maintenance costs

Case Studies

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